The Landscape of Foresight Networks in the Asia-Pacific

Shermon O. Cruz and Nicole Anne K. Moura


How do futurists and foresight practitioners network and organize in a scrambled world? What are their interests, spheres of influence, and focus? What are the most prominent and impactful futures and foresight organizations in the Asia Pacific, other regions, and the world? How do they collaborate and impact governance, technology, innovation, and policy? What are the emerging futures organizations and initiatives that link diverse interests and priorities of futures and foresight organizations? How can the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines (NAST PHL) leverage this futures and foresight networks and collaborate to amplify NAST PHL’s foresight agenda, capacity, and impact and vice versa? What is the future of futures thinking and foresight networks from the perspective of futurists organizations? This paper provides an overview of the most compelling futurists and foresight networks and organizations operating at the regional and global levels. It shares some baseline views, assessments, and perspectives on the flavor (diversity) and landscape (horizon) of how futurists and foresight organizations advance foresight, improve the standard and evaluation of futures studies, and impact including how futurists collaborate and network to impact science, technology, and innovation initiatives and policies. Some recommendations and potential next steps are offered to create opportunities for NAST PHL and global foresight organizations to partner and collaborate.