About NAST Philippines

The National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Philippines is the country’s highest advisory body to the government and the science community on matters related to science and technology. It also has the mandate to recognize outstanding achievements in science and technology made by Filipino scientists in all fields of science. NAST PHL was established on December 17, 1976 through Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1003-A and became operational in 1978 through PD 1557.

Its Vision for the Country

A progressive Philippines anchored on science

Its Mission

  1. To recognize scientists for their exemplary science and technology achievements, and to identify and support emerging scientific talent;
  2. To encourage Academy members to continue their own scholarly pursuits;
  3. To provide independent advice on the utilization of science, technology and innovation;
  4. To promote a strong science culture in Philippine society; and
  5. To link with national academies of science and technology in other countries.

Its Mandate

  1. To recognize outstanding achievements in science and technology as well as provide meaningful incentives to those engaged in scientific and technological researches (PD 1003-A, 1976);
  2. To advise the President and the Cabinet on matters related to science and technology (EO 818, 1982);
  3. To engage in projects and programs designed to recognize outstanding achievements in science and promote scientific productivity (EO 818, 1982);
  4. To embark on programs traditionally expected of an academy of science (EO 818, 1982); and
  5. To promote and preserve science and technology resources of the country through the Philippine Science Heritage Center, which shall serve as the main repository of the country’s contributions, achievements and accomplishments in science and technology (RA 9107, 2000).